Oakname Services - Trevor Pereira

By our estimation, Trevor has been advising and assisting me on personal and business tax affairs for 18 years.  The length of the relationship tells you all you need to know about working with Trevor.  

He is highly knowledgable in his field, patient with those unfamiliar with the mysteries of bookkeeping and accounting, and a very nice man to work with.  I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. 

Jonathan Horsman, MD Centaurus Communications

Hiring Trevor Pereira was a great decision. I’d never done a tax return before and had no idea where to start. I felt hugely stressed about the whole thing. Trevor immediately put my mind at rest, took every step he could to speed the process through since I’d missed the deadline and explained everything along the way. He was great at keeping in touch and finally managed work out that my tax owed was a lot less than I had initially feared. I recommend him highly. 

Aimee Lewis | Media Arts Lab

Details of the assignment

Trevor was contracted at short notice to work as the interim Business Manager at Kings Priory School.  He worked 3 days a week on the role in Tynemouth from August 2013 to January 2014.  He was responsible for a team of 4/3 people.  His role was to fill the vacuum left by the lack of a Business Manager and get the finance function established and operating effectively.  He took up the role 1 month before the merged school opened and then worked for 5 months after the opening of the school handing over to a permanent appointee.


Trevor provided leadership to the team of 4/3 people and oversaw the setting up of the finance function.  He brought stability and direction to a team who were unsettled – and he managed the change when one of them left a month into the first term. 

In the initial phase he had to demonstrate a calm head in the midst of many competing priorities and deadlines.  Among other matters, he showed determination and commercial skills in renegotiating contracts with a range of suppliers and in ensuring that invoices were raised on the correct organisations.

By the end of the first term the Finance function was established.  He implemented a new Sage accounting package, got agreement to a budget and commenced the management reporting.  He also oversaw the establishment of the payroll, VAT reporting and the operation of the electronic banking.  He also sorted out various practical matters in areas such as catering.

Character and style

Trevor was dependable, approachable and hard working.  He brought a calm head and got on with the job in a challenging and changing environment. 

I enjoyed working with Trevor, would like to thank him for getting the finance function established in challenging circumstances and wish him all the best in future assignments.

Richard Gough | Woodard Academies Trust

Trevor has extensive experience of the Academies programme.  Trevor’s background is in the business sector as a Chartered Management Accountant.  For the past seven years, Trevor has been working in schools and colleges, advising on financial planning and operating systems.  Trevor has successfully worked on the financial recovery of colleges which has entailed leading on the whole range of college financial activities.

Balfour Beatty Education

Trevor, who has been working with me for nearly 15 years, turned out to be a ferociously accurate accountant, as I found out when I was subject to an aspect enquiry which went on and on and ended with the Revenue owing me just £16. He’s full of good advice on all aspects of finance, not just business. I can thoroughly recommend him.

Frank Cross | Surgeon

It has been a great pleasure to work with Trevor over many years, first in his role as Financial Controller at the London Clinic Scanning Services from 1995 to 1999 and then more recently as Financial Manager to the International Cancer Imaging Cancer Imaging Society, a charity established in 2000 to advance science and education of radiologists practising the field of in cancer imaging. 

Trevor has always carried out his duties impeccably, he is totally trustworthy, and equally important is a charming, kind and generous person. Trevor always goes the extra mile and at the Annual International Cancer Imaging Conference helps the organising team to run the conference - going far beyond his financial responsibilities - to ensure that every meeting is successful and that the delegates have a valuable learning experience. 

I am delighted to support Trevor as his career continues to flourish and recommend him most highly as an excellent Financial Controller. 

Professor Dame Janet Husband DBE FMEdSci,FRCP,FRCR

The Board would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the work you have carried out on our behalf and for the advice and guidance given, especially during turbulent times in the Society's history.

Melanie Muldoon | BSMSA